Thursday, March 16, 2017

The successful people

In the name of Allah,The Most Merciful The Most Gracious. Allah the Creator of universe with completely creation is the  only ONE we worship  and loyal to HIM without skepticism. Blessing and salutation to beloved Prophet Muhammad  Saw the messenger of Allah  who bring the light to the mankind.

After a long time I am not fulfilling my writing in this blog, this afternoon  Alhamdulillah  Allah gives me my new spirit to continue my writing in my Victory.  Actually writing is good for health because it's will generate our mind to think constructively and productively . Thinking is a process of enhancing mind to generate energy for lifelong.  Lazy thinking lazy mind. In the end lathergic mind. People with lathergic mind can't do much to survive life. They cannot find their own way to solve the problems and sometimes fear of change. This is bad for life. We need to set up our thinking paradigm continously to ensure our body system working effectively. It is closely related to the human brain which contains million of cells and nerve.

Education is part of life.  Without knowledge  people live in the dark. Education is noble profession to uphold people's behaviour,character, culture and  righteousness in all dimension. Studying and learning looks like similar but if we analysing deeply its may seem different.  Studying  is a process of finding knowledge or accumulating knowledge  from various sources while learning is a  process of enhancing mind, building character, changing behaviour to be a better person. I studied but I did not learn. Do not blaming others just to justify our problems. The world is rapidly moving with information and technology advancement in all fields. The world become smaller and shrinking like a small  village because of globalisation. What was happening to the  country around the globe will automatically spreading within a second. This is how technology conquer the world. But technology itself can't do much better to the people who live in poverty and lack of knowledge. Several countries around the world live in critical to survive life. The war and conflict in Syria never ending force thousand of people migrated to other countries such as  Turkey and several European countries to sacrifice life. The children live in undernourished , lack of water and electricity, go to bed with hungry every night. This is  the  modern world in the 21st century.

Positive mind

Successful person always with positive mind. They never ever think unnecessary issue  to avoid conflict and tense that can be destroy the goals. Successful  people do not wait for disaster to accur and than blaming others  for their problem. There is no short cut to achieve prosperous in life without work hard and sincere to Allah, our Maker. The most urgent factors is to get mercy by Allah in all kinds of life. The world we are leaving today full of challenging to sacrifice good life. Globalisation without borderless between countries where technology is taking place in all kind of work makes our world become smaller and shrinking like  a small village. This is the fact that we have to face it.

The leaders should play an important role to keep our world in peace and harmony. The victory or falls of country because of leadership mismanagement. Wether we are agree or don't that is reality. We need a good  leader to lead the country for benefits of the people.



  1. Good leaders built the country
    Bad leaders destroy the world...

  2. Tqvm on your reaction to my Victory


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